viernes, octubre 29, 2010

Top League

Round 1

Toshiba Brave Lupus 7-12 Sanyo Wild Knights

Yamaha Jubilo 29-14 NEC Green Rockets

Kinetsu Liners 30-14 Ricoh Black Rams

Toyota Verblitz 18-10 Suntory Sungoliath

Coca Cola Red Sparks 17-22 Fukuoka Sanix Blues

Kobe Steelers 34-3 Kubota Spears
Toyota Shuttles 17-16 NTT Shinning Arcs

Round 2

Ricoh Black Rams 20-26 Suntory Sungoliath

Kubota Spears 3-15 NEC Green Rockets

Toyota Brave Lupus 33-28 NTT Shinning Arcs

Yamaha Jubilo 30-10 Kinetsu Liners

Toyota Verblitz 50-5 Coca Cola Red Sparks
Sanyo Wild Knights 54-0 Toyota Shuttles

Kobe Steelers 19-27 Fukuoka Sanix Blues

Round 3

NTT Shinning Arcs 26-14 Kubota Spears

Ricoh Black Rams 35-29 Fukuoka Sanix Blues
Toyota Shuttles 7-40 Toshiba Brave Lupus
Coca Cola Red Sparks 20-15 Kinetsu Liners

Sanyo Wild Knights 49-10 Yamaha Jubilo

Toyota Verblitz 16-7 Kobe Steelers

Suntory Sungoliath 20-25 NEC Green Rockets

Round 4

 NEC Green Rockets 3-47 Toshiba Brave Lupus

 Ricoh Black Rams 29-27 Coca Cola Red Sparks
Yamaha Jubilo 26-50 Toyota Verblitz

Suntory Sungoliath 92-8 Toyota Shuttles

NTT Shinning Arcs 10-50 Sanyo Wild Knights

Kobe Steelers 22-25 Kinetsu Liners
Fukuoka Sanix Blues 36-36 Kubota Spears

Round 5

NTT Shinning Arcs 13-10 Toyota Verblitz

Kobe Steelers 18-15 Coca Cola Red Sparks
Kubota Spears 8-34 Suntory Sungoliath

NEC Green Rockets 22-17 Ricoh Black Rams

Kinetsu Liners 9-12 Sanyo Wild Knights

Toyota Shuttles 20-35 Fukuoka Sanix Blues
Toshiba Brave Lupus 54-20 Yamaha Jubilo

Round 6

Kubota Spears 38-35 Toyota Shuttles

Kinetsu Liners 21-19 NTT Shinning Arcs

Ricoh Black Rams 22-31 Toshiba Brave Lupus

NEC Green Rockets 20-52 Sanyo Wild Knights

Yamaha Jubilo 42-57 Kobe Steelers
Fukuoka Sanix Blues 33-36 Toshiba Brave Lupus

Suntory Sungoliath 45-36 Coca Cola Red Sparks

Round 7

Suntory Sungoliath 72-0 Yamaha Jubilo
Toyota Shuttles 13-46 Ricoh Black Rams

Sanyo Wild Knights 65-21 Fukuoka Sanix Blues

Toshiba Brave Lupus 33-19 Kubota Spears
Kinetsu Liners 21-17 Toyota Verblitz

NTT Shinning Arcs 14-30 Kobe Steelers

Coca Cola Red Sparks 3-28 NEC Green Rockets


The fixture will play on 27 Nov and they are marked in color blue sky in the table, in color green the last round and in color yellow those teams that are in Play Off position.

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